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about_me & my work

I have been in IT most of my life which would be around 15 years, I wrote my first working program at 10 on a BBC Acorn, in rudimentary BBC BASIC! And have been working as an IT specialist and software programmer since. My own software creations to date include vQuest Mobile, vCaterer desktop directory, vFinance Mobile, and vMarket stocks and shares application.

I have created many websites from static designs like this one to dynamic, fully integrated server applications. If you want to see some of my work, go over to design & dev to see what I've done in more detail.

I much prefer to use Visual Studio as my development tool, but I would like to learn to program Linux, Apple OS and Android when I get the time. My ethos is to try and create digital harmony, I love technology and everything about it, I try and keep up with the latest trends and keep up to date with new products and services. The industry is fast paced and new technology is being produced all the time.

Movies and gaming are major interests of mine and I love to spend some time with a great action or sci-fi classic! I also love to cook, it was my father’s passion and we have family restaurants, that passion is also in me and I love to experiment with different flavours!

A long-term international project I am in the process of developing, is the Webroom. I am hoping that it will be *the* premier internet facility in at least the city of Dhaka with the aim of branching out to other locales in Bangladesh.

The main focus of the Webroom is to provide a high quality internet resource with the feel of modern western facilities, for professional visitors and also free web time to primary and secondary level students, so that they can learn without having to worry about cost. Future projects will involve the development of technologies to make their learning experience easy as well as highly informative. Education is highly important to me, Math, Science and English development is also critical in my opinion.

I am a big fan of mental arithmetic and always seek to improve myself and others, especially my foreign counterparts.

Most have the impression of me as a kind and diplomatic individual, and I strive to keep that reputation intact, I can be highly motivated and work until the job at hand is completed or I hit a dead end, in which case production can be halted for a little while, but I look everywhere for inspiration. This is me in a nutshell...

I'm eventually hoping to get  tutorials, pictures, videoblogs, cooking recipies and classes for your enjoyment up on this site as soon as I can! So until then...

Salaam, bye and ciao for now!!