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tech_keeps me sane

I've listed a few technical projects I've worked on, including software development, web development and hardware configuration. This list isn't exhaustive either, as it's all I'm allowed to legally showcase, if I were to detail every single project, you'd be here for a very long time..


Logo, print and animation design.

Logo and print design.

Claygate Tandoori
Logo and print design.

Software Development

A catering directory which helps caterers in the UK stay informed with the latest developments in the catering industry.

vQuest Mobile
A highly scalable mobile surveying system using PDAs as the survey platform.

xDAT engine
xDAT is a data transmission algorithm designed to allow multiple devices from multiple locations across multiple network nodes to transmit data simultaneously. It is at the base of all my application development work.

Member Enrollment System for the webroom
Membership database in MS SQL utilising smart card technology which also doubles as an internet services top up card.

vBill EPOS system
Catering bill system and End of Day management.

Web Development

foysal.co.uk (wip)
You're on it! My first site created to the HTML5 and CSS 3.0 draft standards, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work in your old browser! This is the second iteration of my personal site. I've gone microsoft and will only be making minor updates from now, although, I am liking the idea of using distributed ledger technology to store my content at some stage.

Indian restaurant web site, with integrated twitter feeds.

A mobile version of the above web site, which incorporates CSS so the site works on 99% of mobile platforms and is primarily touch-centric.

Standard HTML web site.

Standard HTML web site.

Uses HTML and Flash animation.

Standard HTML web site.

webroom.org.uk (wip)
Standard HTML with .NET active server pages (aspx) to handle member log in.

Standard HTML with .NET active server pages (aspx) to handle member log in.

Hardware Configuration

I run my own network at home with a fully configured network server. My server is quite humble and originally built using a HP Slimline 5740 in 2010

The physical server ran three virtual servers using the Hyper-V virtualisation technology, all of which have their own specific purpose.

Primary 1 runs the the three virtual servers. I also used Primary 1 for media conversion.
Primary 2 runs as a web server.
Primary 3 runs as an email server.
Primary 4 runs the home media management system and storage control.

From about 2013 I migrated the physical server to a ZOTAC ZBOX ID90 Plus. With the additional cores, I was able to deploy two further virtual machines. One as a data server and the second as a development testbed.